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Our Team is ready to detect, counter, and neutralize your security threats. We have proven worldwide experience in cyber crime, anti-terrorism, and nuclear energy.

Security and Safety Compliance Assessment

Data breaches within financial and healthcare organizations are imminent with mounting electronic protected information violations now reported on a daily basis.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp, the nation's primary banking regulator, is preparing new measures on data security. Major U.S. banks are coming under growing pressure from banking regulators to improve the security of customer accounts given the increase of successful cyber attacks on major banks.

Healthcare facilities being investigated by HIPAA enforcement officials, are routinely asked, "Did you complete a risk assessment?" As a HIPAA Security Rule requirement, a risk assessment equips your facility with an accurate blueprint of where you stand with HIPAA / HITECH compliance.

Fines can range from thousands to several millions of dollars, not to mention compromising private data. A risk assessment is the first step to achieving compliance.

BCMPros prepare organizations for International Standards certifications, including:

  • PCI-DSS – Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard
  • BS 25999 Business Continuity Management Systems
  • HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act
  • HITECH - The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act
  • SOX – Sarbanes Oxley
  • ISO 9000 – Quality Management Systems
  • ISO/IEC 27001 – Information Security Management Systems
  • ISO 20000 – IT Services Management Systems

BCMPros has a HIPAA / HITECH Compliance Tool Suite® containing the required documentation needed for compliance. If interested in learning more, please contact

BCMPros is HIPAA / HITECH and PCI compliant!


Information Assurance and CyberSecurity

Cybersecurity focuses on securing the safety of computers and computer systems in a networked environment—security issues typically are approached from a broader background (socio-economic, political, psychological etc.).

The two disciplines are interrelated, but differ in the approaches adopted, the methodologies used, and the areas of emphasis. The information assurance program focuses on individual solutions, such as access control, encryption, or compliance, while the new cyber security programs focus on coherent solutions comprising the effectiveness of integrated and coordinated security measures, as well as multi-level and multi-aspect controls.

For this reason, cybersecurity requires an interdisciplinary approach to consolidate cyber defense efforts, break down barriers to collaboration, develop new security technologies, and facilitate increased national public awareness of cybersecurity issues.

  • Telecommunications & Network Security
  • Application & Systems Development
  • Access Command, Control, and Intelligence
  • Communications, Network, and General Engineering


Perimeter Security

Hand ScannerGiven the continued heightened threat levels, the ability to effectively secure the perimeter of a diverse range of vulnerable sites, as a first line of defense against potential attack, is undoubtedly a key concern for businesses, agencies, and security managers on the ground.

Regardless of which critical organizational infrastructure element is in question, it is imperative that integrated and robust security measures are in place. The modus operandi of attackers is constantly evolving, as is their willingness to consider extreme measures. The reality is that attackers will look to exploit any perceived vulnerability to their advantage, so constant vigilance remains a necessity.

Looking more closely at the type of security measures that can be put in place to meet the need for the continued vigilance of site perimeters, there have undoubtedly been major developments in the ability to create a layered integrated defense strategy. Effective perimeter security can therefore be achieved by combining technology with physical security measures and manned guarding capabilities, including:

  • RFID & Biometric Verification for Asset Management & Resource Tracking
  • HD CCTV for high risk areas and SD CCTV for site entrances and exits
  • Infrared thermal imaging cameras for longer range detection of potential intruders
  • Fence detection systems
  • Unattended Ground Sensors


Physical Security and Safety Systems

Physical security addresses design, implementation, and maintenance of countermeasures that protect physical resources of an organization. Because most controls can be circumvented if attacker gains physical access, Physical security is as important as logical security. There are three basic physical threats:

  • External Threats: Wind/Tornado, Tsunami, Hurricanes, Flooding, Lightning, Earthquake, Cold and ice, Fire, Chemical
  • Internal Threats: Fire, Environmental Failure, Liquid Leakage, Electrical Interruption
  • Human Threats: Theft, Vandalism, Sabotage, Espionage, Errors

The most serious threat to safety of people who work in an organization is possibility of fire. Fires account for more property damage, personal injury, and death than any other threat.

BCMPros can implement strong measures through engineering controls designed to detect and respond to risk of attacks, including:

  • Fire Detection, Extinguishing, and Alarm Systems
  • Gas Detection & Evacuation Systems
  • Redundant commercial power
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies


Target Hardening

SWAT Team Training

BCMPros has a specialized team with extensive military and law enforcement tactical experience, which will focus on protecting your high-value assets. Through elite training. extensive experience, and technology we will insure protection of your assets such as:

  • Yachts and commercial vessels
  • Homes, automobiles, and aircrafts
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Corporate and small business offices
  • VIP and executives

We also provide training in:

  • Maritime protection using reality based training
  • Confrontation training with certified trainers and instructors of (BTS) Blauer Tactical Systems S.P.E.A.R. System™

Our training is mobile and can be adjusted towards your needs and provided on site at your location. 


Forensic Investigations

We combine financial, accounting and regulatory knowledge with deep technical and industry experience to assist our clients in confronting the regulatory, legal, and commercial challenges as a result of unplanned events. We apply technology-based solutions to information management and e-discovery demands, advise clients on ways to mitigate risk, improve corporate compliance, and key business processes. We can serve as expert witnesses addressing critical business issues in litigation and regulatory proceedings.

Our Forensic services practice is backed by strategic partners and staff throughout the US and abroad to provide the capabilities to meet the most challenging situations. Our network is composed of forensic accountants, former military and law enforcement, fraud examiners, and forensic technologists. We work with organizations on tackling the major financial and reputation risks associated with such crimes.

Our forensic professionals identify financial irregularities, analyze complex business issues, and mitigate the future risk of fraud. We leverage new and established technology and processes to effectively and efficiently manage information to support investigations and dispute resolution.



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